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What is the Kansas STARBASE program?

It is a youth science, technology, economics and mathematics program of the United States Department of Defense. Kansas STARBASE is one of the largest National Guard STARBASE programs in the nation, with more than 300 volunteers from the Kansas Air and Army National Guards donating their time and talent to the program. As part of the program, military pilots, mechanics, security officers and other uniquely-trained military personnel lead five-day academies to teach Kansas children in grades 4 through 6 practical, job-earning skills. The program uses hands-on, active, fun learning projects to apply math and science concepts to daily life. Kansas STARBASE, Inc., a non-profit corporation, operates the STARBASE program on behalf of the Kansas National Guard.


How does the STARBASE program benefit kids and the community?

Students who participate in the program have made an average gain of 20 percent on their math and science test scores. In addition, students have learned about values, character and good choices. The STARBASE program meets state standards for math and science curriculum and is designed to help augment what schools with limited resources are able to offer students. The goal of the program is to help youth overcome adversity and obtain jobs in the future. "STARBASE is so much fun," said one recent STARBASE graduate. "I think everyone should go. They make learning very fun. I like how they do that. Keep doing it."

The STARBASE program also includes a teacher education portion that helps give teachers good ideas and concepts to use in teaching math and science classes. "The STARBASE program is an extremely valuable program for classroom teachers," said Vicki Marcozzi, a teacher from Hageman Elementary who participated in the Kansas STARBASE program. "The lessons are structured to reach children of all learning styles. The hands-on activities reinforced the concepts taught in a meaningful way."


What kind of activities do the STARBASE academies include?

Some examples of activities included in STARBASE academies are:

  • Oceans of Air: Pilots show how their planes soar through the air 

  • Forces of Flight-Instruments: Work with the cool gadgets that help pilots     fly higher than they've ever gone before 

  • Heroes and adventurers don't do drugs 

  • Tours of Police and Survival Operations 

  • Global Coordinates: Navigators show you how to find any place in the world 

  • Radio, Radar & High-Tech Communications: Learn the lingo and talk to your friends no matter where they live 

  • Build Your Own Rocket! 

  • Flight Simulators: Learn to fly a plane the way many pilots do

  • Tour a Jet or Helicopter: See the inside of a refueling tanker or a Black Hawk helicopter

  • Visit the Jet Engine Shop and a state-of-the-art fire engine operation

If you would like additional information regarding STARBASE, please visit the following website: